Expressions of the Spirit: Freedom In Truth!

This book was published in 2009 and is the first piece of literary work gathered through years of writing from the youthful days of Nicole's life. This book of poetry is designed to help the everyday believer understand that every situation, circumstance and experience in their life is present to cultivate Godly character and promote wholeness in living: spirit, soul, mind and body. Be empowered to LIVE FREE! To order your copy, click the image to the left of this paragraph.

Delilah's Destiny: Reflections of Character

Published in 2012, Delilah's Destiny is a powerful story of the innate human ability to be deliberately self destructive and deceptive in hopes of rapidly gaining some form of instant gratification. The answer to how and why so many people miss their defining moment is aligned in this account of “Delilah’s Destiny”. The book is educational in many aspects, so the reader is not only drawn into the story, but can self evaluate and is able to apply scriptural references for reflection and development. To order your copy, click the image to left of this paragraph.

What's Your Super Power?!

This book highlights a collective of dynamic women from across Baton Rouge and other states who have embraced many of life’s challenges and turned their experiences into a SUPER POWER!

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